The EriCa project group visited the Netherlands for two days in September to learn about the region’s science parks and organisations. It was apparent during the very first site visits that demand for premises that enable research activities is high, and a large number of new, high-quality sites are currently under construction.

Amsterdam Health and Technology Center was established in a high-quality office complex. Thanks to the height of the ceilings, it was possible to retrofit the premises with laboratory facilities. The Center is connected to a hospital and is fully leased. Several sites have been renovated in the area since the first phase of construction was completed, and residential housing is also planned for the area.

Leiden Bio Science Park is situated in connection with Leiden University. New construction in the area is brisk, and the facilities are of a very high quality. Most of the occupants in the science park also lease their premises – laboratory facilities and office space alike. It is worth noting that construction of the sites began essentially with no pre-leasing.

Since the summer of 2020, the EriCa project group has been learning about High Tech Campus Eindhoven established in Philips’ centre for technology. The Campus is an excellent example of a science park driven by a major company. The group met with key persons from the campus and found inspiration and advice for building an ecosystem.

“Every company at High Tech Campus Eindhoven shares a common goal: to develop new technologies and applications that help solve social problems and challenges, and to successfully bring them to the market. This combination of technology and business is central to the many collaborations on the Campus – and it shows.”