The EriCa project of Kemira, Ahlström Capital, Kirkon Eläkerahasto and Aktia Life Insurance Ltd starts in Espoo

The building and innovation investment of Kemira, Ahlström Capital, Kirkon Eläkerahasto and Aktia Life Insurance was published in spring 2021. The building plan is now legally binding, and the construction of the EriCa Green Chemistry Park can get started.

The planning and the concept development of Kemira’s new technology center has proceeded well and the building permit has been applied for. The building plan for Rusthollinrinne got legally binding in the end of December and on January 5, 2023, the plot owned by Kemira’s pension foundation Neliapila was acquired. The project starts with excavation in the beginning of 2023.

“EriCa is a long-term investment for us and our partners, the Church Pension Fund, and Aktia LifeInsurance Ltd. We’re happy that we can develop this unique business and science center in Espoo together with NIB, Kemira and the joint venture,” says Pia Lindborg, Director Real Estate at A. Ahlström Real Estate Ltd. (subsidiary of Ahlström Capital).

The first phase of the project delivering approximately 3,100 square metres of lettable office area, an 8,600 m2 lettable laboratory area, a 730 m2 lettable conference area and a restaurant. The construction will be in accordance with the environmental certificate BREEAM with the goal of obtaining “Very Good” as a minimum. Kemira Oyj will lease approximately 70% of the total Phase I area with a long-term lease agreement. The other Phase I lettable spaces include approximately 2,900 m2 of laboratory and office space as well as a common space of around 730 m2 containing restaurant and meeting facilities which will be leased to other companies for chemical research. The Nordic Investment Bank (NIB) will partly finance the building and the construction of the phase I and the acquisition of land.

”Great that the planning process is now finished and that the construction of the new laboratory and office premises of the Kemira research centre will be able to start in early 2023. The Kemira research centre has been located in Finnoo for over 50 years and will continue in the same location as we move to the new EriCa Green Chemistry Park once it is completed in 2025,” says Kemira Director of Real Estate and Investment, Jari Tolvanen.

”We are eagerly waiting for EriCa to be constructed in Finnoo, Espoo. We often get inquiries about laboratory facilities like this. We are finally able to direct companies to the Green Chemistry Park at EriCa, where the companies can have office, research and laboratory premises in the same building and joining a community of expert from different fields of Chemistry. The sustainable ecosystem in EriCa fits well in Espoo as the city has many times won the title of the most sustainable city in Europe” says Jaana Tuomi, Managing Director of Enter Espoo Oy.

More about the EriCa-projects next phases can be read at

Kemira to launch a new Growth Accelerator unit – Sampo Lahtinen appointed to lead the team

Kemira is launching a new Growth Accelerator unit to drive Kemira’s long-term growth in selected strategic initiatives. The new unit has two main objectives: to accelerate the commercialisation of new and unique biomaterials in Kemira’s current markets and to create business opportunities in new adjacent markets for both new and existing Kemira products.

Kemira’s strategy targets long-term growth through sustainability and being the leading provider of sustainable chemical solutions. Furthermore, Kemira has set a target of growing the revenue from Kemira’s biobased products to more than €500 million by 2030. Establishing the new unit is a concrete step that will help Kemira execute its strategy.

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